Monsters Heroes (Smartphone iOS/Android)
Top city Racing (Smartphone iOS/Android)
Firetruck 3D parking (Smartphone iOS/Android)
One more (Smartphone iOS/Android)
Top ski Racing (Smartphone iOS/Android)
Top desert Racing (Smartphone iOS/Android)
Realms of Ancient War (PC/PS3/XBox 360/Focus interactive)
Quizz Party (Wii/ Nintendo)
Captain Morgan and the golden turtle (PC/WII/DS/PS3/ Reef Entertainment)
Promise (PC/serious game)
Jeuserais (PC/serious game)
Choeurs de la Cité (xbox360/prototype )
Scrabble interactive 2009 (DS/Wii/PC/Ubisoft)
City Life DS (DS/ Monte Cristo Multimedia)
So blonde (PC /Wii/ DS/anaconda)
Scrabble DS 2007 (DS/ Ubisoft)
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfi ghter 2 (Xbox 360/Ubi soft)
City Life (PC/Monte Cristo Multimedia)
Barbie Diaries: High School Mystery (GBA,/Activision)
(GBA/ Buena Vista Interactive)
Disney princesse 2 (TVpad/ Jakks pacifi c)
Justice League (TVpad/ Jakks pacific)
Aquahunter (Xbox/ prototype)
Dune Génération (PC/ Cryonetworks, canceled)
Treasure Hunt 2001 (PC/ Cryonetworks)